Posted by: GW7AAV | June 3, 2009

6 Metres Sporadic E

There was a nice sporadic e opening to the Mediterranean on six metres yesterday afternoon. I was alerted by Zvone S57OPZ who had been watching the DX cluster and decided to do a quick Summits On The Air activation of S5/CP-016 Škofje, his alert said the band was open to the UK.
I went looking for Zvone but although I heard stations working him and the odd part of a CQ call he was too weak to consider calling. The band was however full of stations from Juliet November square, I worked stations in Montenegro, Slovinia and loads of Italians including IC8TEM on the island of Capri. I had great fun for about an hour and a half before Helen came in from work and dragged me out shopping.

Stations worked or heard good enough to be worked from Squares JN92, 75, 76, 70, 65, 62, 61, 55, 45. I heard many more stations active, around 35 noted, and several stations from some squares. Around 14 of those stations were consistently above S5 and peaking S9 on my vertical antenna. What would I have heard on a beam I wonder?

My antenna for six metres is a modified CB antenna that I adapted by reducing the turns in the coil and telescoping the sections of aluminium in until it was the right length for six metres.

I have just had a call that ten metres is open and my antenna for that band is flat on the ground so I had better call it a day for now and see what I can do.

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