Posted by: GW7AAV | June 3, 2009

Amateur Logic TV

One of the great things about the Internet is that amateurs can now do things that only the media could in the past. Suddenly web sites and Blogs are providing the news, entertainment and information that libraries and news stands did, the power is at our finger tips. YouTube has provided an outlet for the creative and the ridiculous and hidden amongst the arty and the sick are some productions worthy of the professionals. One such is Amateur Logic TV a whole heap of fun and fascination, and it is all about amateur radio too. The episodes vary in length but are mostly around 3/4 hour long and the latest is number 23, so hours of watching if you haven’t seen them before. You can view in you web browser via Google Video or YouTube or you can download as Windows Media, Quicktime or Ipod video and watch in your favourite application at your leisure.
Definitely something to do watch the bands are quiet or the XYL is watching the soaps. I particularly liked episode 17 and the MFJ factory visit with the demonstration of the flow soldering machine.

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