Posted by: GW7AAV | June 3, 2009

Rybakov 806 Multiband Antenna

The Rybakov 806 Multiband Antenna is a little different to other antennas I have made in that it is designed to not be resonant on any of the amateur bands. What makes it special is that because it is a non-resonant antenna it tunes up equally as well (or as badly) on the WARC bands as on 7/14 and 28Mhz with only 7.6m of wire. Some have found that with a longer wire, in the region on 8.6 to 21m that they can use the antenna on 3.5mHz.

I became interested in this antenna when Peter ON3WAB mentioned that he and Lieven ON4CVL were using one, made by Lieven, on a SOTA activation from Hotondberg ON-022 using an Icom 703 and 10w and putting out a fabulous signal. It seemed ideal for those summits where you cannot get a dipole up and a number of constructors have claimed it out performs trapped verticals. Pictures from the ON activation –
The only thing I did not have to make one of these was the T-200-2 Toroid which I found on eBay for under £4 from Spratreader ( who is actually Les Jackson G4HZJ a member of West Manchester Radio Club.


  1. On my stay in Tignes (French Alps), I have used a fishing pole of 10m with a wire of 10.6 meters. Between the antenna and the ft-817 I have the Z817 tuner.
    Even without any un-un or what so ever, I was able to tune from 80m to 10m.
    Sometimese with a counterpoise of the same length, sometimes without counterpoise.
    85 contacts during 14 days and 5 Sota activations.
    The ft-817/Z-817 is a good combination with a fishing pole antanna.

    73 de Lieven on4cvl

    • Hi Lieven,
      I have you in the log from SOTA ON/ON-022 Hotondberg 4th May 2009.
      Thanks for visiting the blog and your comment. I normally use a linked dipole and no tuner but sometimes there is not enough room for the dipole on the summits so I fancy trying this antenna. I have all the bits but still have not built it. Too much work and not enough SOTA.

      73 Steve GW7AAV

  2. Corrected call of Peter ON3WAB – I had him down as ON4

  3. Hi Steve, I have just ordered a T-200-2 Toroid from Spratreader, and I will be building this antenna in the near future, interesting how it can perform well vertically and horizontally polarised.

    My flat is located in communial grounds, so this may be the ideal solution that Ive been looking for, there are two trains of thought, a) roach pole
    or b) sling the long wire through the tree when in use, and colapse the lot when not in use, I will keep you posted with the results and which way worked better for me, regards Joe g7kdz Liverpool

  4. Hi Steve. Great article.
    Thanks for the link!
    I have plenty T200-2 etc. in stock at present.
    Good luck with the fine antenna projects!

  5. […] The antenna is based on this design. […]

  6. hello today 07-12-2013
    i made one 15 turns, and 10m telescopic pole and wire and 17m counterpoise my ft 817 and a z817h tuner one day 9 contacts and 4 entities CT2HKC

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