Posted by: GW7AAV | June 3, 2009

Ten GHz for under a Tenner

Being active on most of the amateur bands from 80m to 23cms and not having enough real estate for a top band dipole I have been starting to becoming interested in the higher bands. A post from Richard G3CWI on the SOTA Reflector about making a 10GHz receiver from a satellite LNB therefore got me interested. He suggested joining which I have and also pointed me towards

Interestingly when I read G4HJW’s interesting web site I realised the original idea came from my fellow Mold & District ARC member John MW1FGQ, so I have an expert to help me get started right under my nose. Who knows maybe with John’s help and advice I might even get QRV in the near future. I had better order those lead underpants.

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