Posted by: GW7AAV | June 27, 2009

Invitation to DX

I got a nice little surprise in the post this week, an invitation to join the Chiltern DX Club. Somebody must have tipped them off that I am the number one DXer in my house, my street and maybe the whole of CQ town. To join costs £18, which seems reasonable and you must have worked 100 DXCC countries. I would have to check how many countries I have but I think I probably have worked three times that many at a guess.

The invitation came with a well produced A5 booklet the ‘CDXC Digest, Journal of the CDXC’. It is well printed with eight pages of high quality colour images in the centre. It brought back warm memories of the Commodore 64 computer and the eagerly awaited publication from the Commodore Pet Users Group and long hour spent inputting basic programs from the hallowed pages. The CDXC production is a much more professional production but it seems surprising that in these days of the Internet there is still call for a printed club journal like this. There is plenty to read and the website looks good too.

I have not decided if I should join but maybe they can sponsor my next DXpedition to activate rare Scottish hills for Summits on the Air.

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