Posted by: GW7AAV | June 27, 2009

Pirates Ahoy!

Captain PugwashReading through the forums on QRZ of late there seems to be a glut of accusations that such and such a station must be a pirate usually because some lame brain could not find them on I find it somewhat childish.

What the heck is this dumb obsession that these people have with calling everyone a pirate all of a sudden? If you think the guy is a pirate you do not talk to him, that way if he is a pirate you are not breaking your own licensing conditions by doing so.

Just lately I have heard contest stations being harassed because “they are not on QRZ”, special events stations with unusual calls being told “DL775, that can’t be a real callsign” and newly licensed operators being told “You must be a pirate you are not on QRZ and you don’t know what you are doing” in each case the callsigns were genuine and most were easily verified through other sources on the Internet including announcements in news items on QRZ.

Self appointed ‘Band Cops’ we don’t need you. If you think someone is not genuine record them and send to the authorities with time date frequency etc. They probably will do nothing but if they ever catch them they will have evidence for a legal action.

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