Posted by: GW7AAV | June 30, 2009

Sam the Man

Over the years I have had reason to both praise and curse the three big amateur radio retailers. I have had issues with Martin Lynch ,Waters and Stanton and Radioworld at times but I have also had good service and good deals off all of them. I can understand that some radio amateurs have had bad experiences off one or other of them and just will not go back, but my motivation has always been price and who ever is cheaper usually gets my business, as a result all three have managed to please me at times by offering a good price and that little bit extra in service. Maybe being the 500th radio amateur to try and brow beat them in to a deal at a radio rally starts to become tiring on the sales man who has forgone his weekend, travelled halfway across the country and still has a hangover from the late night session in the hotel last night. No wonder he would not take your last fifty pounds for that fifty nine pounds ninety nine SWR bridge.

My experience of the big three manufactures has been somewhat better but probably because I stayed away from their turkeys by listening to what other amateurs have said and reading reviews. I also wait a while before buying a new model to make sure there are no issues. My direct experience of dealing with the manufacturers has been limited but good.

Today’s good service accolade goes to Yaesu UK who managed to help me swiftly with an issue I had that none of the dealers could help me with. According to the footer on their email I cannot reveal what it was they did for me or the contents of the email in any “newsgroup” nor “mailing list” without the express written consent of the sender so I will not risk their wrath by revealing it here either, but I will say well done Yaesu UK. Thank you very much. Sam Ruddy service manager ‘You are the man!‘.

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