Posted by: GW7AAV | July 10, 2009

iPhone Geocaching Application

Being both a hill walker and a radio amateur I found Summits on the Air the perfect way to combine two of my hobbies. Having seen other SOTA activators using a GPS I bought one and in an effort to learn how to use it effectively I found something called Geocaching. I have since found that many of my fellow hams dabble in searching for Geocaches too. Like a hi-tech treasure hunt it can be great fun.

For those with an iPhone there is now an ‘app’ for Geocaching so you do not even need a GPS to enjoy the hobby. I have been trying to avoid getting one but they keep getting more tempting and for me this application is the most tempting one yet. As well as English the application is available in Dutch, French and German language versions. Probably the most useful thing is that wherever you are you can check out where the nearest cashes are and the navigate to them with a simulated compass arrow.

Application Features Include:

-Direct access to’s database of worldwide geocaches

-Search by current location, address or lookup code

– Access geocache details, including description, hint and recent logs

– Log geocache finds and post notes in the field

– Navigate to geocaches with a simulated compass arrow

Learn more at

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