Posted by: GW7AAV | July 12, 2009

First Alinco DJ-G7e heard in the wild.

After months of waiting I finally heard an Alinco DJ-G7e in the wild. 0918 UTC on the 12th July 2009 I made contact with Ross G6GVI of The Four Metre Website fame on 23cms from Winter Hill. The G7e has been available in some parts of the world for a while but the first shipments to the UK only arrived a couple of days ago. It is a tri-band hand held transceiver for two metres, 70 and 23cms with wide band receive. Full details are available at Nevada Radio or on Alinco’s own website.

The interest for me is 23cms. At the moment during Summits on the Air activations I carry either the Yaesu FT-817 or the FT-857 plus sealed lead acid batteries, a Kenwood G71e which allows me to monitor 2m or 70cm FM while working HF, a Wouxun KG-699e for 4m FM and an Icom IC-12e for 23cms. The Icom is a relic and the size of a house brick. It weighs about the same as a brick too. Therefore the Alinco would allow me to swap two radios for one. The problem at the moment is the price – £359.95, which is more than I paid for my 817, one of my 857s or my IC-706 MkIIG. If the rig was only half that price I would buy two today (one for Helen GW7AAU) but I think I will just have to wait and hope that it drops soon. Which is all a great pity because I hope this new handy will boost the growing interest in 23cms amongst the SOTA community, and more activity might make a few more people realise just how far you can get and how much fun there is to be had on the higher bands.

I almost forgot…The audio from the G7e seemed excellent despite it being a waterproofed rig, unlike that from the Alinco DJ-V17e which a few of my RAYNET colleagues purchased when on special offer at £89.95 via the RSGB. The only way to sort out the muffled audio on the V17e seemed to be to remove or punch a hole in the waterproof membrane, which kind of defeats the object of having a waterproof rig.


  1. its a nice radio and u will see it on the next raynet from mw1cre lol

    • Welcome to the lead underpants brigade Steve. I will have to start bringing a 23cms rig on our RAYNET events so we can talk about the rest of the the mob without them hearing. Seriously 23cms is a great big chunk of hardly used bandwidth and we need to make use of it. I monitor 1297.50 all the time in the shack so give me a call. If I don’t answer I am probably not there or in QSO elsewhere.

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