Posted by: GW7AAV | July 17, 2009

Femfresh QSLs anybody?

There is a little fuss on the forums at QRZ as Dana L Hendrickson KG6ZIN puts up a plug for Joyce’s QSL Designs. Posting is for some reason in the news column, which has brought out the trolls en mass. They do have a point what makes Joyce’s QSL’s any more news worthy than any other QSL designer?

The designs are meant to appeal with the ladies in mind but I could not see my XYL considering anything as overtly sexual as these designs. I was racking my brain to think who might buy these sorts of cards and then it came to me where I have seen a similar style of cards, phone boxes. Have a look at and see what you think but I think they might be nice on the front of a feminine freshness product or to advertise that oldest profession in the world.

I must say that despite being a red blooded male I also have issues with the odd red necked dinosaur who sends me QSL porn, but that is another issue for another day.


  1. They look more artful than some of the pics I’ve seen sent on SSTV. But you wouldn’t catch me using one!

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