Posted by: GW7AAV | July 18, 2009

How not to spell Pittsburgh in Morse Code

Apparently the Grant Building in Pittsburgh has for the last eight years had a beacon that has been supposedly flashing “PITTSBURGH” in Morse code. Tom Stepleton was watching a fireworks display and noticed the beacon was flashing P-I-T-E-T-S-B-K-R-R-H. Tom put a video on YouTube and attracted national attention. The owners of the building tried to correct the problem but ended up making it worse by sending T P or ) and then E-B-T-S-A-U-G-R-H.

Tom Stepleton learned his code during basic pilot training. What I would like to know is how come it was not spotted by any of the radio amateurs in Pittsburgh? A missed opportunity for to get ham radio in the news.

The second video is here YouTube

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