Posted by: GW7AAV | July 26, 2009

Bird Catcher, Rotary Washing Line or Antenna?

What is it? Does it work? Who cares? I want one.
I found this on the South African Radio League’s Forum which has some interesting and informative discussions going on and worth a visit. It is a 16 element wire log periodic antenna by Rohde and Schwarz for 5MHz to 30MHz. The R&S®HL451 is described as a compact, rotatable HF Antenna suitable for transmission and reception of horizontally polarized waves over medium to long distances. Thanks to Mike Perks ZS6BIM who posted it.
Could be it would a hazard to those bats I mentioned in a previous post and birds not paying attention or attract Herons wishing to build a nest. Just tell the neighbours it is a high tech washing line, but remember to hand out some socks from time to time on it so they believe you.
I also recomend Mike’s excellent piece of speech compression.


  1. Hi! I found you several times on my wspr screen today on 12m.
    It is the biggest distance I got. Did you use the R&S antenna?
    73 Franz DF3VW JN39hk

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