Posted by: GW7AAV | July 30, 2009

eBay Insanity

It never ceases to amaze me how daft the prices of amateur radio kit can get on eBay and this week I have seen some strange ones indeed. A couple of classics with several second hand rigs going for more than they can be bought new. Bidders really need to do their homework better and perhaps not let the red mist descend when they are bidding. You often see people selling stuff in other places where the seller is looking for a good percentage of what he paid for it back and has not taken in to account that the new price for his radio has dropped £300 since he bought it, but most of the time potential buyers will point this out. On eBay it is usually down to ill informed bidders fighting over over an item while the seller laughs all the way to the bank.

Other strangeness exists on eBay that must have bidders kicking themselves. I recently was given, free of charge, an Yaesu FT-290R for which I hope to find a 23cms and/or a 4m transverter. I was therefore watching one for 23cms, but had been warned off it by someone who had examined the design and suggested it might be somewhat unstable and prone to putting out sprogs and so did not bid. It went for about what I expected it to (£122) but the seller also had a Yaesu FT790R which went for £68, however a couple of items away was another Yaesu FT790R and that one went for £110. What was strange was the one that went for the most was damaged. Do people not read the write ups on what they are bidding for.

The latest one that caught my eye and baffled me is a JRC JST-245. Now I have read the reviews and I know what a cracking rig this was. It is HF + 6 metres and 150w o/p with a very sensitive receiver. This rig was quite expensive when it was new but they stopped production in 1995 so it is at least fourteen years old and maybe over twenty. There are many parts with a rig that old which may be on there way out and a lot of them are obsolete, but that has not stopped the bidders. I have done a little research and the same model rigs in mint condition have been making £500-600 in the past two years. This one has 15 bidders on it and at £800 has not reached its reserve. I do not know who is dafter the seller or the bidders.

One thing worth looking at on eBay is what the seller bought. My workmate was about to bid £2900 on a Mercedes the other night until he checked the sellers feedback. The seller had bought it one month earlier for £1700. The person he bought it from listed a mass of faults which magically had disappeared since. Mmmm!

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