Posted by: GW7AAV | August 15, 2009

Back after two week break

I am back home and back in the shack after a great two week break. Clothes and radios are still packed away so there is something to look forwards to… Two weeks worth of washing! Then there is the re-assembling of half the shack that I took with me.

We had a week in Brora in East Sutherland, Scotland in a beautiful house with a paddock which I used for mounting the HF dipole. Stunning scenery and wonderful weather. Operated HF from the house, the car, the beach and did a Summits on the Air activation from a previously un-activated summit.

The second week was in Seahouses in Northumberland, England. The apartment we rented was a flea pit with a view. The view of the harbour from the picture window was superb but it was seriously horrible and small. I measured it and if you put all the rooms together the was still not enough room to swing a cat. It did not help to have a spiral staircase taking up 6 foot square of the lounge/dinner which was only 10 foot square. The dinning table was useless as it was jammed between the wall and the banister and I could not get my knees under the damned thing anyway. There was no way to get any antennas up at this hell hole and it had no dish washer. How the heck we managed to book such an unsuitable property is beyond me. Still it was just a base for our adventures and I am sure I will stop scratching soon.
We did another successful SOTA activation and tried to activate EU-120 Holy Island (Lindesfarne) on HF but few people seemed interested. We also visited EU-109 Farne Islands but radio from there would require more planning as it is National Trust property.

Lots of castles and stately homes visited and photographed along with lots of seals and sea birds. Well over 900 photographs to upload to Flickr in the near future.

Details of the activations will appear on the SOTA Reflector and on my web site

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