Posted by: GW7AAV | August 27, 2009

Stolen Equipment Database

Tee Shirt from

Tee Shirt from

Hugh Golding G7UOD has come up with what seems a great idea… an online rig register called, wait for it,  Rigregister Online

The idea is you keep an online list of all your equipment’s serial numbers and then if they get stolen you can flag it so a buyer will be alerted if someone tries to sell it. Hugh is currently talking to the RSGB HQ and various well know shops and the police force and the vibes look positive.

Now as Hugh is a G7 and I think we sevens should stick together I will say nice one Hugh! , but, and there is always a but on here because I just love to be cynical, how safe is your site Hugh? I love the idea of a register, but I don’t know you from Adam (actually I do because Adam is one of my sons) so how do I know I can trust you with my data? How do I know some criminal gang is not going to steal your database and find out who has the radios they want to steal? I am also worried that sellers will not up-date their data and I might have trouble persuading someone that I was the legitimate owner and what about ‘silent keys’ who up-dates their data when they pass on? More than that I would be concerned that it might lead to a false sense of security and suddenly when you get a radio nicked you type in the URL to get up your list and “where did that site go?”

I still think it is a great idea but I will have to think about adding my data to it a bit longer. Until then all my rig data is on my PC, my laptop, my portable HDD, two memory sticks and a scrap of paper in a shoe box.

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