Posted by: GW7AAV | September 16, 2009

Listen, Watch, Learn

Series Two Episode Nineteen of the ICQ Podcast has been released. Episode includes latest news, your feedback, upcoming events and Colin provides an introduction to Echolink.To download a copy of the podcast, visit…_E19_Final.mp3

HamBrief.TV 45 is also available at A salute to Hiram Percy Maxim W1AW for is contributions to amateur radio plusthe first-ever D-Star parachute jump by Mark AF6IM. It also covers the 4S QRP multifunction HF test set project and review the new Diamond RH3 mini HT tri-band antenna! Note: this antenna is 1 inch long and is amazing!

And then there is SolderSmoke Podcast #115 from

Which includes Camping in Sabina, Michelangelo’s late star, Anniversaries: Internet, SolderSmoke, Hack-A-DayFrom Kitty Hawk to the Moon Carrington flares and childhood aurora,Calculating speed of light (using cheese),MythbustersHubble Space Telescope, Sliding Spring Observatory, EuropaTransistor Museum and Understanding Mixer products.

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