Posted by: GW7AAV | September 16, 2009

Yesterday’s Tomorrows

The BBC has added highlights of that old favourite ‘Tomorrows World’ to its online archive.

Including this gem; A man who speaks Morse Code…

I always thought that maybe some of what was wacky and impractical once might just be viable with todays technology so maybe it is worth studying again the programs featuring presenters Raymond Baxter, James Burke, Judith Hann and others.

Tomorrows World was real nerd porn. You just have to love it.


  1. When I try to view the videos here in the US, it says “Not available in your area”…. 😦


  2. I should have realised it was this post you were talking about. Yes the BBC will not allow you to watch them, which is a great pity. They are a wonderful insight in to how we viewed the future back then. Chances are they will appear on YouTube from time to time.

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