Posted by: GW7AAV | October 6, 2009

WiFi Blocking Paint

The BBC reports that a company has come up with paint that blocks out radio frequencies up to 100 GHz, but is working on increasing that to 200 GHz. At a cost of £10 per litre it looks like a cost effective security solution for companies with Wi-Fi networks, at first. Developed by the University of Tokyo the paint contains an aluminium-iron oxide that absorbs and blocks RF and therefore stops data being intercepted outside any room fully coated with the paint. I can foresee a few problems as it means either using it in rooms without windows or painting the windows with the same substance. Doors would also have to be almost hermetically sealed and kept shut to prevent stray microwave frequency finding there way out due to gaps between the surround and the door or through keyholes and ventilation ducts.

While I am sceptical of the claims being laid out for it and slightly worried that some may see it as the alternative to properly secured systems it looks like as part of a fully integrated security program it could well have a great future. The next question must be where can I buy some? As a solution to keeping some of the stray electromagnetic mush that plagues almost every home in this modern world out of my radio shack a couple of tins of paint sounds like a good investment. Unfortunately it does not do anything about my neighbour generated RFI entering via my antennas, so I still need to move out in to the wilds if I want to reduce my noise floor.

This product could be a great boon in theatres and cinemas as a liberal dousing could act as a block to annoying mobile telephone users interrupting the performance without using phone jammers which in the UK at least are illegal

Well until our local DIY store starts to stock the paint we could always try papering the walls with aluminium foil as I am sure that would work just as well and also has the advantage of reflecting hear back into the room. While you are there you can fashion yourself a little foil hat to stop them probing your brain with their satellites.

You can read the full BBC News story ‘Anti-wi-fi paint offers security’ at

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