Posted by: GW7AAV | October 12, 2009

Maps for the colour blind

Spotted over at , an independently owned site offering the most up-to-date news and features about outdoors activities, there is news that Britain’s national mapping agency Ordnance Survey is introducing a new product to help people who are colour-blind read maps more easily. Digital mapping means that custom colouring that makes maps easier to read for those eight percent of the population that suffer from colour-blindness is now easy to produce.

OS spokesman Paul Beauchamp said: “Cartography is a fine art, but the colours that have become so familiar to most of us are actually among the worst possible choices for those with colour blindness. By using our new mapping product, called OS VectorMap Local, councils and businesses will be able to create styles especially for colour-blind people that we hope will make life easier.”

This should mean more people can enjoy the great outdoors, back-packing and Summits on the Air with increased confidence.

Ordnance Survey maps for colour blind

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