Posted by: GW7AAV | November 5, 2009

X-Band 6-10m gets go ahead

I received the following email from Dave G3ZXX about the 6m/10m cross-band repeater the Wessex Repeater Group are working on…

Further to our e-mail of the 3rd November, we would like to confirm the following operational characteristics, for the new GB3WX repeater, as defined by the formal NoV.

10m Transmit: Input Freq: 50.520 Mhz – Output Freq: 29.210 Mhz – CTCSS Freq: 82.5 Hz

6m Transmit: Input Freq: 29.210 Mhz – Output Freq: 50.520 Mhz – CTCSS Freq: 82.5 Hz

Mode: NBFM

CTCSS: Please note that the CTCSS tone is now the same on both bands.

Output Power: Will be 25 watts (14 dBW) ERP, on each band.

Antenna: Unity gain omni-directional vertical, on each band.

Beacon Mode:
When not in use, the repeater will ident on both bands simultaneously, every 60 seconds, to enable direct propagation comparisons to be made between the two bands.

The repeater will be co-located with the 2m repeater GB3JB, at Willoughby Hedge, in South Wiltshire, IO81VC, and will be powered by the sites Solar Panel and Wind Turbine generating system.

Further information will be added to the web site as it becomes available.

Now that we actually have the NoV, we need to get moving, as we have a 3 month window in which to get the system operational.

However, as with all our repeater / beacon systems, they are supported by donation, so your support in this area would be very much appreciated. Details on how to make a donation to the Wessex Repeater Group can be found at the group web site.

We currently need a further £800 or so, to complete the project. This being needed for the purchase of a 2nd transceiver, the logic controller and additional batteries to supplement the current system, which will of course have to cope with the significant additional power loading.

To those who have already supported our unique project, we offer our thanks for your interest and trust, but hope that may more of you will find your way clear to offer your financial support.

Please feel free to forward this communication to anyone whom you feel would be interested in its contents.

Cheers and 73’s
Dave, G3ZXX – Keeper: GB3WX

For and on behalf of The WesseX Repeater Group

Congratulations to everyone in getting this far and good luck with the reast of the project.

I was and still am somewhat sceptical about the need and usefulness of this project and Dave is/was aware of this as he contacted me when he was initially gauging the opinions of the amateur community, but despite knowing I was a sceptic  has kept me up to date with details, which I find most reassuring. The project will no doubt be an interesting one for those involved but from my own point of view I have a few issues.  If I was to use this repeater, which I have no intention of doing as I rarely use FM on these bands, I would need to use two rigs as I have no way of switching antennas from my 6m to 10m vertical, so I would have to listen on the same antenna as I was transmitting with resulting inferior reception. The majority of HF equipment still comes without CTCSS  as standard and its inclusion may result in the exclusion of some that may wish to use it. The repeater only puts out 25 watts which is less than I would be running myself even from a mobile, which means simplex contacts would in the majority of cases be easier. When both bands are open and the repeater would be most useful it will be either so busy that only a few people will be able to use it or everyone will be too busy making simplex contacts to bother with it. I would rather they had gone for a single band repeater on either six or ten but I think the added challenge of doing a cross-band unit has been behind it. It should be perfect for that small group of amateurs who own the Yaesu FT-8900 with the matching quad band antenna and live close enough to get the repeater under flat conditions. For the rest of us it may well just remain a curiosity as possibly one of the last innovative analogue repeaters in the UK, because if we like it or not the future is digital. I am just not sure it is D-Star.

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