Posted by: GW7AAV | November 9, 2009

Update on Norway’s new frequencies

Norwegian radio amateurs must feel like all their Christmases have come at once. In addition to their allocation on 4 and 60m (70 & 5mHz) as announced here they have had an extension to the 12m and 40m ( 24 & 7mHz) plus another new band on 500kHz. The details are provided by Martin LA8OKA via Southgate ARC news.

The changes take effect immediately.

The changes are as follows:

Frequency band Status
Maximum output
493-510 Secondary
New band. Only A1A Morse
telegraphy allowed
5260-5410 Secondary
New band
7100-7200 Primary 1000 Upgraded privileges. Used to be secondary status and 100 watt
24740-24890 Secondary
Frequency extension
70,0625-70,0875 Secondary
New band
70,1375-70,1875 Secondary
New band
70,2625-70,3125 Secondary
New band
70,3625-70,3875 Secondary
New band
70,4125-70,4625 Secondary
New band

It has been great to hear so many LA calls over the last few days on the 60 metre band. I cannot wait to work my first Norwegian station on 4 metres.

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