Posted by: GW7AAV | November 15, 2009

Norwegian Radio Heritage

In between SOTA activations there has been lots of Norwegian activity on 60 metres (5mHz) and it was my pleasure to once again work Per LA1TNA but this time he was operating as LA1ASK from a radio museum in the old LKB Bergen Kringkaster, which is the former NRK(Norsk Rikskringkasting) AM(LW/MW) broadcasting station for Bergen. Its QTH is near the village of Erdal on Askoey Island EU-055 north of Bergen, locator JP20OK. The website is well worth a look with lots of photographs of the broadcasting equipment and more. The Telefunken broadcasting transmitter of 20 kW was built in 1935 and is the only remaining Telefunken transmitter (complete) of this type in the world. There is also a 1kW Marconi transmitter from the 30’s and loads of old military and domestic radio gear. It looks like being worth a visit if you are ever in Norway.

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