Posted by: GW7AAV | December 5, 2009

706 not in danger

The none event of the day has to be the news from various sources that rumours of Icom ceasing production of the IC-706 have been just that, rumours. It all started with this article over at Southgate ARC News and it may have begun because Icom Australia may no longer be importing the rig.

When I saw today’s denial I just wanted to jump up and down and shout “I told you so!”, but although I said as much to my buddies on air I did not publish anything as I did not have the evidence to back it up my theory when this rumour started circulating. We had the same rumour circulating when the IC-7000 came out and then again a couple of years later. It is perhaps surprising that the IC-706 is still being produced twelve or so years on but maybe that is because it is a direct competitor for the Yaesu FT-857 were as the 7000 is considerably more expensive. When Yaesu replace the 857 I would expect Icom to ditch the 706, but I believe both rigs still have a few years in them yet.
I have an IC-706mkIIG in the shack and a couple of Yaesu FT-857D for using mobile and portable and have found then excellent rigs. I have used an IC-7000 from time to time and I would have any of these radios in my armoury.

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