Posted by: GW7AAV | December 5, 2009

History – What’s that?

Sometimes reinventing the wheel is the right thing to do, take the radial tire for instance, but most of the time it is done through ignorance and an inability to research why things were done the way they are in the first place. Every now and again I read or hear something on the air that makes me cringe or simply shake my head in disbelief. Recent cases in point are experiments with horizontal FM, a two metres AM experiment, trying to generate a revival in Packet Radio and various people building antennas that are well know to be useless or near impossible to get working. I also heard of someone spending a massive amount of money on equipment and antennas to do something that I know defies the laws of probability if not those of physics. What is it that make some people deny what has gone before and have to fail for themselves before they will believe? With the Internet generating almost as much misinformation as information will future generations have to reinvent every time they want to achieve something? Are the odd cases of amateurs trying to reinvent the wheel simply a reflection of evolution in action as humanity responds to a misinformation overload?

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