Posted by: GW7AAV | December 10, 2009

Government ignores PLT interference

Many of my UK readers will have signed the petition at asking the Prime Minister to “require the relevant regulatory authority namely Ofcom to take active and speedy measures to test samples of all makes and types of PLT device and to remove from the UK market all those devices where the sample is found to be non compliant with the requirements of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2006. And to take all practicable and necessary steps to prevent anyone placing non compliant PLT devices on the UK market now and in the future. The Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform and Ofcom are familiar with these devices they being widely distributed by a national communications supplier, various high street stores and on the Internet. These devices are used to transfer electronic data via domestic electrical household wiring and the techniques involved in typical use result in harmful interference to short wave radio reception.”

Gordon Brown in charge of 10 Downing Street! More like 10 Drowning Sheep. However the Prime Minister’s Office has responded to that petition with its typical complete disregard for the problem and you can view it he or read it below.

Thank you for the E-petition about testing Power Line Technology (PLT) equipment.

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills is responsible for the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Regulations 2006. Enforcement powers are delegated to local Trading Standards offices and to the Regulator, the Office of Communications (Ofcom), where there is a radio spectrum protection or management issue. Ofcom is the body responsible for the management of the civil radio spectrum in the UK.

In the last twelve months Ofcom have received 143 individual PLT interference complaints about inability to receive radio transmissions in the High Frequency (HF) band (3 to 30MHz). Of these, 121 have been investigated and referred to the apparatus supplier who has resolved 104. The solutions employed include replacing the apparatus, hard wiring and conventional wireless alternatives.

As a result of the Regulator’s investigations which found no breach of the EMC requirements, Ofcom decided against taking further enforcement action at this time. Ofcom is therefore working to reduce any negative effects in individual cases with BT, the largest supplier, and with Comtrend UK Ltd, which supplies the apparatus as part of the BT Vision package. Further information about PLT and Ofcom may be found on their website:

On the available evidence, we do not believe an outright ban of all powerline equipment is justified.

Ofcom can provide advice and assistance to those who complain of interference with radio communications equipment. Any individuals who wish to report specific cases of interference that may be caused by PLT apparatus, or any other source, should contact Ofcom’s Advisory Team on 0300 123 3333 for further assistance.

You may wish to visit to find more about the threat to the amateur radio spectrum.


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