Posted by: GW7AAV | December 14, 2009

Pirate Station Scuppered

The story of obnoxious spoilt brat 14-year-old Jayhaed Saade and his pirate radio station has had adequate coverage from newspapers and bloggers all over the world and I did not write about it earlier because I did not feel he deserved any more publicity than he had already. Today is different because he has finally done the right thing and shut down his illegal station and that has to be cause for celebration for those in Ottawa who were having their listening pleasure ruined by his stations interference to legal broadcasts. He had ignored two cease-and-desist letters from Industry Canada. The second had warned him he could face a $5,000 fine for each day he remained on the air, but the reason for his final compliance remains a mystery. He had been operating his station out of his fathers hotel and strip club the Sadde Inn. His father, Georges Saade, initially supported his son but later said he and his wife wanted the station turned off. The big question is why his broadcasting has gone on so long when there are so many regulatations.

More about this item at… DigitalHome VA3QV Ottawa Sun
In his Blog Post about this issue Bob VA3QV says “Perhaps its time for Industry Canada to sit down with Canadian Border Services and get on the same page about what Radio Equipment can come legally into Canada so this does not happen again.”, but the way I see it whatever radio equipment can come legally into Canada it will not stop pirate stations springing up. As a radio amateur you may have heard of ‘Home Construction’, it is a long lost art amongst us radio amateurs but it is still widely practiced by broadcast pirates. Then there is a plethora of ex licenced station equipment for sale if you know where to look. Grey imports from places like China will always be possible because customs cannot check every single import. Industry Canada (and similar agencies in other countries) need to either be more pro-active in cutting off each of the Hydras heads as they arise or make some legal way for these stations to be licensed for low power local broadcasting. I am in favour of some form of limited licence where all the would be DJs can practice their art away from real broadcast stations and off the local amateur radio repeaters.
For information: The obnoxious rum swilling cut-throat in the picture above is none other than your truly who has been known to terrorise the seven seas in search of booty.


  1. I would welcome some AM broadcast pirate radio stations here in the US. Most every AM station is broadcasting either non-stop political pundit programming or sports. I started building an AM broadcast regen receiver a few months ago but then lost interest when I realized it would only receive garbage.

    However I should mention AM 740 and 900 from Ontario which I can receive here in Pennsylvania at night have excellent oldies and old time radio show programming. It’s about the only thing I can listen to. But I digress.

  2. Would you really enjoy a radio station run by some fat spotty teenager from his bedroom playing non-stop Rap (with a capital C) music (not what I would call it). However there are worse things in the US than the non-stop political pundit programming or sports stations, there is something called Country and Western, which has to be the most contrived music genre ever and is only listened to by Americans and the weirdest of all Brits, the ones that sport fake American accents, wear cowboy boots and hats and have a pennant for shouting Yee Hah. I won’t even mention the hundreds of pseudo-religious stations, “Send you money now!”.

  3. “Country and Western… listened to by Americans and the weirdest of all Brits….”

    I take it you’ve never met a real Briton before? You must be dreaming about fake accents & cowboy hats.

    Almost no-one listens to Country and Western music in the UK. It’s extremely unpopular. We have no radio stations that broadcast it (except maybe an hour a week on Radio 2), apart from one in London that failed pretty quickly.

  4. My my Duncan! Are you 14 years old or do you live under a rock? I am an English man living in Wales and so I may just have met one or two real Brits in my fifty plus years on this planet. Try Googling Country and Western UK for a massive list of clubs, bands, venues and radio stations in Briton dedicated to the sad awful thing that is called Country Music. Thanks for your reply anyway. I am listening to Muse from Glastonbury last week for the third time. Awesome!

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