Posted by: GW7AAV | December 15, 2009

DX 2010 Most Wanted

From we have more about DX this time from John Ferringtonde VK6HZ/VK6ARI who has created a Most Wanted DXCC for 2010 survey on his website.
The URL is

He says he has two reasons for the survey.

1. He would like to compare global needs for DXCC against VK needs
2. A statistics assignment for a course he is doing and what better survey to get a decent cross section of the community than a DXCC wanted survey?

The poll is open until March 1st and results will be published on and other DX websites, along with an article for AR magazine here in VK.

Please vote and ask your friends from the DX community to join in and give John some good data.

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