Posted by: GW7AAV | December 16, 2009

4G crashes cable TV boxes

BT have making a misery of life for those that enjoy the short waves for some time with their power line adapters now it looks as though O2 are not to be out done and have come up with a way of crashing cable TV set-top boxes using mobile phones so couch potatoes can be just as miserable.

We are told he next generation of mobile phones will be capable of lightning fast speeds and advance features but Long Term Evolution (LTE) or 4G will use the 800mHz band in the UK. 4G is not available in the yet but O2 is currently testing 4G at the LTE Slough testing centre. LTE allows users to connect to the internet at speeds twenty times faster than currently available. The problem lies in the fact that cable TV set-top op boxes operate on a frequency of between 800 to 900 MHz and a 4G mobile phone in the vicinity can cause break up of the picture and sound and even crash the box, which requires turning the box off and on again to reboot. O2 researchers are looking at the problem, but aside from replacing millions of set top boxes or using a different frequency band I think they are on a looser, which is a pity because the advantages of 4G would be most welcome to most mobile Internet users and we do not want it delayed too long or the UK may miss a whole generation of mobile technology.

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