Posted by: GW7AAV | January 14, 2010

Slip, sliding away

I am here in body, but only just and my mind is a confused mess so that thinking takes just too much effort. I am sure you can guess that I have succumbed to the flu. Maybe it is just the man flu but my eyes are burning, my sinus streaming and every bone in my body aches, one minute I am baking like an oven and the next I am shivering and cannot get warm. I have to get through the next couple of nights and then I am going to bed with a bottle of 12 year old malt and not getting up until I am feeling much better.

It was snowing heavily this morning when we got up and I had to move the vehicles around so Helen could take the 4X4 to work. My son’s girlfriend had parked her car outside our house and I said to him he should get her to bring it down the drive. Sometimes I hate being right! A hour later the doorbell rang and a woman had run in to the back of Lisa’s car. It was a classic case of them not knowing how to drive in the snow. They had come around the corner too fast and when their car started to skid on to the wrong side of the road they had stamped on the brakes leaving a 100 yard skid mark interspersed by the anti-lock braking system coming on and off. The impact was slow so damage was light but Lisa’s Vauxhall Corsa will need a new rear bumper (that’s fender for our American readers). Over the last couple of weeks I have seen some of the worst driving in my life, our road has been like an ice rink but hundreds of people managed to negotiate it safely however besides the woman who ran in to Lisa’s Corsa, someone has managed to demolish the steel fence around the local primary school. One driver came down the road a couple of days ago with her wheels spinning so fast the speedometer must have been registering 100 mph even though see was only moving at about 5 mph. What would have happened if she had suddenly found grip I dread to think. Most of the bad drivers can be fitted in to three categories, young drivers, dizzy women and BMW drivers but it is the professional drivers like those in trucks and vans who have been leaving me gob smacked as they spin, jack knife and slide in to Aramco barriers as if they are hypnotised by the snow. Local supplies of salt for gritting the roads are all but gone and so if we get anymore snow there could be double the chaos and destruction we have already seen.

Tonight should have been Mold and District ARC’s first meeting after the Christmas break but this mornings snow meant there would be no staff to open the Rugby club where we meet. Hopefully members will have realised that it was too dodgy to go out or have received my last minute email. It means that our quiz night will now be next Wednesday 20th January 2010.

One thing the bad weather and traffic chaos has done is to bring some listeners out of the woodwork. I kept Helen company as she spent an hour and half to travel the half hour journey to work this morning and as we chatted more and more amateurs joined our little net looking for or passing on weather and traffic information, it gave me a reminder of how things used to be when we were first licenced. Maybe we could do with the bad weather lasting long enough to get these people to realise what they have been missing and then maybe having made themselves known they will recognise our voices and come back when we are calling CQ sometimes. My flu muddled head meant the my conversation was not its usual sparking and witty repartee this morning so I might have had the opposite effect, but I do hope not.

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