Posted by: GW7AAV | February 8, 2010

iPhone Echolink App

Don’t you just hate it when you get pipped to the post? Yesterday’s winner was Tim G4VXE who posted yesterday evening about an Echolink App for the iPhone.

Yes! There I was looking for something interesting to write about and I find that an Echolink application for the iPhone had been released. “My mate Dave 2W0PWR will like that because he has an iPhone” I think and rush back to the blog to do a posting, but there in my blog list I see “echolink-on-iphone” at Nice one Tim.

Julian G4ILO says in a comment on Tim’s item “Use a phone to access a repeater to call someone on the radio who probably has a phone you could just call direct. Okay, I’m sure if I think long enough about this I’ll eventually see the point of it.” Well I see the point already and it makes sense if you have free VOIP on your phone as it does not cost anything. I cannot take my radios into work, but the mobile phone is a different matter.

As I see it services like Echolink are an interesting addition to amateur radio and not the thin end of the wedge. I look back to an interesting conversation I had on antennas with a station on 40m, we never needed it in the end but it got so fascinating that we made plans to QSY to Echolink if we lost each other.

If I owned an iPhone the application would be useful on a long journey that was through areas of low amateur activity and with BlueTooth in my car it could keep me amused safely. This application is not a great leap forward but is a step on a journey and who knows where it will lead, however if it survives one must wonder if the amateur radio of tomorrow will bear much resemblance to the amateur radio of today.

The app is  available here. There are some screen shots over a RadioGeek’s blog.

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