Posted by: GW7AAV | February 13, 2010

Malcolm stands down

Malcolm GW4IEQ

I have been a member of RAYNET since just after I was licenced. Firstly with the Group known as East Clwyd and then after the county boundry changes in 1990, with Flintshire RAYNET. After the passing of Clwyd County ControllerBob Cardwell GW4PUX, Flintshire RAYNET has been run by Group Controller Martin Ellett GW6XYE and Deputy Controller Malcolm McIntosh GW4IEQ. After all these years and because of health issues Malcolm is stepping down, he will be sorely missed. Malcolm has been ying to Martin’s yang and put uncountable hours in to the administration and liaison of the group, its members, and the user services.

Many amateurs in North Wales, Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond will remember Malcolm as the voice of GB2RS for many years transmitting the news from his elevated QTH in Dury. Malcolm was ever the consummate professional and was in my opinion one of only a handful of newsreaders that could hold their own with the best the BBC had to offer.
Malcolm remains a member of RAYNET and hopefully we will see him out from time to time, but I would like to personally thank him for helping to make things seem to run like clockwork even when at times event organisers did not have a clue.


  1. As a footnote to this Malcolm sadly passed away on 29th April 2013 after a long period of illness. Our thoughts are with his family and I for one have some great memories of Malcolm, while playing radio and during long summer holiday away with other amateurs caravaning around the North west and North Wales

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