Posted by: GW7AAV | March 6, 2010

Amateur Radio Exam Success

Photo R-L Adam, Caroline, Keith GW4OKT (Instructor), Vic, Graham.

Congratulations to Vic Evans, Graham Jones, Adam and Caroline Studdart who today passed their Foundation Exams at Mold & District Amateur Radio Club. Today’s success leaves the clubs 100% pass rate intact for which everyone should be proud. I would like to thank Linc Lindley GW3KFA and all the other club members who have helped out by guiding and answering the many questions of the students. I would also like to thank our new senior lecturer Keith Williams GW4OKT for his work running the more formal classroom and revision sessions. Thanks also goes to those that gave their time to invigilate and support during the practical sessions.

Adam and Caroline are of course my children so I am especially proud of them. Caroline is 15 and is in the middle of her GCSE exams so I was a little concerned it would all be too much for her but I should not have worried. I hope she can replicate today’s success when the results of the slightly more important exam results come through later in the year. Maybe I should not worry too much there either as when I asked how her last exam went she said “It was fun.”

Vic is already a member of Flintshire RAYNET and I pass on the good wishes of the group to him on his success and hope that he enjoys the experience when we drop him in the deep end next time out. Adam and Caroline will also be joining the group when their MW6 calls come through, but we need a little talk about RAYNET at the radio club sometime for the sake of Graham and some of the other members who are unsure of what we do.

My next SOTA outing could be a family affair with four operators on four bands at once or if I go solo I should only need to find one extra contact to qualify the summit. Not that I usually struggle to qualify summits very often. Now to persuade my other children to follow the lead set by Adam and Caroline who are already chomping at the bit to do the Intermediate course

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