Posted by: GW7AAV | April 24, 2010

Database problems for SOTA

Frustration is the feeling that you want to beat the crap out of someone, but you know that for one reason or another (usually that it would mean more trouble than it is worth) you cannot do it. Frustration is the feeling that I have at the moment about the SOTA database. It is someones fault but there is no-one I can even shout at to vent my anger. The database is down due to a cock-up during a server up-grade by and has been for over a week now. The main SOTA website has been back for a day but they have screwed up the database so it will probably need restoring by the webmaster from his back-ups. The SOTA management team have sent many emails and made many expensive telephone calls to but they seem to have had a complete lack of service. If SOTA was a business loosing thousands of pounds a day would they have got any better service, I wonder?

Having eight activations and many pages of chases in the log book to up load whenever the site is back I feel that the longer the downtime goes on the more of a chore it will be when it is back. Helen even suggested I might like to give up chasing SOTA and do some gardening. I maybe annoyed but I am not that angry yet.

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