Posted by: GW7AAV | April 24, 2010

International SOTA Weekend

1st and 2nd May 2010 sees another International SOTA Weekend and activators have already posted 42 alerts from 17 different associations. No doubt this list will grow and there are always those who either don’t or cannot alert. If the weather is good we can expect to swell the numbers even further with those who will not decide until the day. Hopefully the tendency will be towards HF and those international contacts, but VHF should be buzzing too. Wouldn’t you know it, guess who is working all that weekend? You guessed it, little ol’ me.

May is going to be a little bit of hell for me as I already have a full diary of work covering colleagues who are on holiday and we are in to a very busy time due to a maintainence shutdown as well.  “Sleep is for the weak”, they say but I may need to sleep for a week before May is over.  Not to worry I have my next SOTA expedition to plan.

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