Posted by: GW7AAV | April 24, 2010

Learn CW via Echolink

In what is probably the best use of Echolink yet devised, W1AW’s CW code practices and CW/digital bulletins is now available using EchoLink via the W1AW Conference Server W1AWBDCT – Node 37374. The transmission is sent in real-time and runs concurrently with W1AW’s regular transmission schedule.

Suggestions have been made that “you can now get Morse code practice sessions on your 2m FM hand held” but tying up your local Echolink enabled repeater simply to listen to these sessions might not make you popular with all of the other users. Much better to access them via your PC and even better to record them to your MP3 player for practice later.
Server limitations may apply at least for a while so don’t be late on parade or you may miss out. The transmission schedule is here…

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