Posted by: GW7AAV | May 3, 2010

French Resistance

Resistor Finder is a Freeware program for  Windows 95/98/NT from Bertrand Zauhar, VE2ZAZ. It allows the  electronics designer or hobbyist to find a combination of 2 resistors that, when connected in parallel, will provide the best match to a desired resistance.

I installed it on my old Win98 machine but was disapointed to find that it did not tell me where to find the resistors just which resistors I needed. Turned out I needed one from 3 draws across and two down and another from five across and four down.  Room for improvement then.

I haven’t tested it under Windows 7. 

Bertrand’s website is in English and French and you can find more interesting projects and programs there.


  1. it was very magnificent, cheers for your great explanation 😀 Hope my articles are as good as yours

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