Posted by: GW7AAV | May 14, 2010

Dreams of Dayton

Dayton Hamvention (Friday May 14 to Sunday May 16) is in full swing by now and don’t I know it. Every other ham blog I read has photographs of stalls piled high with goodies that has my imagination running riot.  Maybe one of these days I will get the chance to see it for myself. It is one of three events I hate to hear about because I so want to be there but cannot. The other two are Ham Radio at Friedrichshafen 25-27 June 2010 and the Isle of Man TT races 29th May – 11th June. I have never been to either of the two amateur radio events mentioned above but I went over to watch the TT races every year for ten years and it is always guaranteed to up-set me when Helen says to me “The TT starts today!”, one small conciliation is that the races are show on Sky Sports Channel these days, but you just cannot replace the camaraderie and atmosphere of thousands of like-minded people enjoying themselves. I will just have to make do with the numerous live web cams at this years Dayton Hamvention as a taster of that atmosphere, with the slight advantage of not having to inhale stale sweat or westle my way through the crowd.

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