Posted by: GW7AAV | May 24, 2010

UK Wouxun Dealer Appointed

Martin Lynch and sons Limited have been appointed UK & Ireland Distributor for the Wouxun Electronics range of Communication Handhelds.

They will stock the entire range of Wouxun products soon but at the moment have the KG-679E and KG-699E 2 metre rigs, KG-699E 4 metre and the KG-UVD1P 2m/70cm Dual band rigs in stock. Most surprising is the prices which are not far removed from the buy direct on eBay route with none of the hassle of being hit for VAT and import duty and the advantage of a UK return address should you find a fault during the guarantee period.

Advertised prices are – £58.99 for the KG-679E 2m, £64.99 for the KG699E 2m and £89.99 for both the KG-699E 4m and KG-UVD1P 2m/70cm Dual band.

Visit the Martyn Lynch and sons on-line shop here.

The Wouxun User group is here.

The photograph above is of the KG-699E 4 metre and KG-UVD1P 2m/70cm Dual band rigs that I own.

This photograph and others of Wouxun handheld rigs are available on my Flickr account and may be freely used for none commercial purposes, acknowledgement preferred.

Note to manufacturers and dealers: Thank you for your interest CQHQ does not accept advertisements but if you would like your equipment reviewed here please contact GW7AAV QTHR.

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