Posted by: GW7AAV | July 9, 2010

London Calling – Ham repeater Live Link

For people like me who hate to be detached from their radios there are already a number of live audio streams that can be found on the Internet. The latest one to come to my attention is from GB3OK & GB7OK repeaters in London.

I noticed a post about it a couple of days ago on by Tony G1HIG the repeater keeper for the GB3OK echolink node (280040), but never had chance to check it out until earlier today. The streamed audio quality is excellent and I had the chance to listen to Tony as he made his way home from work and he was telling someone how successful the post on QRZ had been at getting people to their new website. I must say the website is looking good and is both useful and informative. If nothing else the stream is something to listen to when conditions are poor and there is no body around locally or when you should be working.

GB3OK is the London UHF repeater on echolink node no: 280040

GB7OK is the London 2 Metre DStar repeater which can also be found on the internet gateway.

Information regarding these two London repeaters can be found at their website or on twitter and facebook which are updated regularly.

Link to repeaters live audio feed.

Link to Twitter.

Link to Facebook.

Other favourites of mine are GB3PZ and the HF SDR (Software Defined Radio) receivers in the Netherlands at the University of Twente run by Amateur Radio Club ETGD PI4THT

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