Posted by: GW7AAV | July 22, 2010

Celebration Time at MADARC

Last night was another chance for celebration at Mold & District Amateur Radio Club as our Intermediate candidates maintained the clubs 100% pass rate for amateur radio examinations. Gone was the quiet confidence that we saw from some of the brighter students leading up to the Foundation exam but when the time came for them to prove their knowledge they had nothing to be nervous of and all passed easily. Not that there was much confidence from them after the exam as they sat waiting for the test papers to be marked, they were all berating themselves as they realised they has got various questions wrong and the answer had come as soon as they walked out of the door. Pretty much like anyone after an exam. The nerves and the furrowed brows soon made way for big smiles and fists punching the air as the results were handed out.

Well done to Adam MW6AFK, Caroline MW6CLF, Pete MW3PPZ, Graham MW6YZF, Mark MW3MTB and Simon M6SCF who will soon have their 2W0/2E0 calls. Adam is my son and Caroline my daughter, which makes it special for me. A big thank you goes out to Keith GW4OKT for all his work and lectures and to the all the other members who have helped out with on air training, kit building and adjudication of the exam.

For anyone interested we are now taking names for the Full Licence Exam course to probably start in January 2011. This will give our new Intermediate passers time to get some experience on the air and for Keith chance for some holidays and to prepare for the Advanced course. At Mold we do not charge for the courses apart from the costs of construction projects and the exam and you will need to buy the course manual from RSGB.

Photograph shows Graham MW6YZF, Mark MW3MTB,  Simon M6SCF, Instructor Keith GW4OKT, Pete MW3PPZ, Adam MW6AFK and Caroline MW6CLF with their pass slips after the Intermediate exam Wednesday 21st July 2010.

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