Posted by: GW7AAV | July 29, 2010

New Calls and Scout Camp

After a small hiccup with using the Ofcom website and the guys there missing the silly mistake made trying to get my daughter Caroline’s Intermediate license she is now 2W0YLO (Young Lady Operator). My son Adam sorted his new call on Tuesday night and is now 2W0DPI (Dots Per Inch) which is appropriate seeing how he is a graphic designer. Of the other successful exam candidates Peter formally MW6PPZ becomes 2W0LUD, Mark M3MTB becomes 2W0CCK and Graham MW6YZF is now 2W0RSV. Down at the Mold Rugby Club where Mold and District ARC meet they had a barrel of real ale to get rid of and they were charging one pound per pint it was therefore time for a proper celebration.

I was ready for some refreshment by the time I arrived at the club having been out most of the day with my friend Graham GW0HUS delivering a 100 foot Strumech lattice tower to a Scout camp out in Chester and helping the guys get set up for the weekend. It certainly looked like the Scouts were going to have a great time this weekend. What a fantastic set up! The camp was like a mini city under canvass. A big leap from the camps I remember as a kid (not that I was ever a Scout).

Please keep a listen for Cheshire Scouts under the call GB2CS from Knutsford, Cheshire over the weekend and if you hear them please give then a call. They should be active on all bands as when I left they had vertical antennas for 70cms, 2 metres and 6 metres, a tri-band beam for 10, 15 & 20 metres and a G5RV for HF up to 80 metres. They also have Echolink for those who can’t hear them on the air and would like to contact as many countries as possible. Calls from other scouts are especially prized.

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