Posted by: GW7AAV | October 9, 2010

Wouxun KG-UV920R Mobile Dual Band

Longtime readers and on air friends will confirm that a couple of years ago when I saw the first Wouxun handheld I declared that this Chinese manufacturer was going to give the major Japanese names a good kicking. I suggested that more features would be followed by better quality and that the next step would be mobile radios. Since then the radios have gone mainstream with dealers in both the UK and US dispelling the fears of some that these were cheap rubbish and probably illegal. Sure they are cheap but they are neither rubbish or illegal and in fact outperformed many radios cost five times as much. I can now say “I told you so” as Wouxun have unveiled the KG-UV920R dual band mobile rig. 50/25/5w VHF/40/20/5w UHF RX/TX with AM 500-2000KHz/FM 65-220MHz and LW 150-500 KHz reception. Put me on the list, I will have one or two if the pricing is as competitive as that of the handies.


  1. I would like more iformation about this radio. who will be sale them and the price.

    • Hamzone will sell them in the USA and Martin Lynch and Sons Ltd in the UK There may be other dealers but these are the ones I am aware of. I suspect we may see them for sale on eBay direct from China before US and UK dealers get their hands on them.

  2. Well looks like in Italy none import Wouxun products yet ! The only wat is to buy from european dealers or directly from China. Unfortunately prices are not published on their site.

    • I bought all mine direct from China via eBay. I have had them for all the licensed members of my family, my RAYNET group and members of my radio club. Some of my other friends also bought them the same way. I bought from HK360Radio and had wonderful service. Prices will vary according to exchange rates, but they are cheap.

      I would recommend UK and US buyers to use the local dealers for ease of sending faulty goods back, but I have not heard of anyone needing to do that yet.

  3. I’ll take the first opportunity from the transceivers.

  4. any one have a review on this item I would like to know more before I buy this Item

    • Someone will have to get one to review first. They are not due to go on sale until yet. The official line is on sale 1st quarter 2011. Unofficially I hear January is the target date.

      Martin Lynch is the official UK importer.

      I expect to see them on eBay direct from China before the UK/US get any and at around $200 US so probably £200 UK plus postage (£35). Expect to see M&L selling them £250-265 and maybe £299 with the remote head kit and programming cable. That would still make it £100 cheaper than the nearest competitor.

  5. Bu cihaz çıktığı gün alırım nedeni yıllarca sağa sola çarpıldık 1997 de aldığım cihazın halen daha af çıkacak bu cihazı satacak firma şimdiden yok satar 73s

    • Üzgünüz. Hiçbir Türk burada konuşuluyor. Benim için iyi değil.

  6. I have purchased 3 Wouxun radios. Currently all are HTs. These radios are awesome. I will purchase a dual band mobile at first opportunity. I called a UHF radio net in my home town tonight from the HT. No one knew I was on an HT. I do live within a couple of miles to the repeater, and have talked on a VHF repeater that is about 10 miles away standing outside my house. Of course HT’s have what I call a dummy load for an antenna. Great product.

    • I too have a number of the Wouxun Dual band HTs. I also have one for 70MHz 4 metre band, they are very good and the price can not be beaten. I have bought Wouxuns for three members of my family and myself, members of my radio club and my Raynet group, about thirteen in total. I also convinced a few other locals who bought their own. Only problem so far is one pod charger that seems to have gone duff, fortunately with so many I swapped it out as I never need to charge all the rigs at once. I am convinced the Mobile will be equally as good, but we will wait and see.

  7. Theres No S.S.B and a.M only on RX silly i think.this radio would have been a great seller..

    • Show me another dual watch dual bander that has SSB! Show me another dual watch dual bander that does everything this rig does for the same price. This will be a massive seller!

  8. I saw an Alinco that had all this at a hamfest in Japan late last year the hf module pluged in to the main unit ..this tranceiver had all the bells including filters and a notch.for S.S.B (and is a option) …. BUT!! it cost a few more bucks $1.400.00 converted to U.S or Aussie dollars ..There is an ATU unit that is an option for the hf unit..Also it came with a usb cable and program cd,think it was (From memory) model is a DXSR08hp for the high power model….Old Saying you get what you pay for (quality wise)..this Radio I was told ( will only be released in countries it can be approved and Australia it won’t be) Oh i forgot to mention is has a detachable face as an optoin as well………2 mtr cable is an extra……I’m looking forward to bringing one home with me on 2012 next trip ….if their for sale at (akihabra)!! ??? …forgotten how to spell it lol.

    • Different type of rig with a price 10 times the Wouxun, different market not exactly in competition. I will see if I can find anything about the rig you mention though. I have heard Alinco have a new mobile HF rig in the pipeline, but not heard the details yet.

  9. This is not a hf rig…its a dual band Vhf ..Uhf.. Mobile unit ..with a Hf plug in Module…talking to a friend a few days ago who works at the rocket store in Akihabre…he tells me the detach face comes with the hf kit, as it has a few more controls on it…….and will be on sale in November In Japan..Price might change as well…Hope not as I have ordered one..THIS UNIT IS NOT A EXPORT ITEM..yet, but will be later on

  10. esto de la emisora KGUV920R parece un un timo porque esta anunciada en muchos sitios pero no la venden en ninguna tienda y eso me mosquea no se si nos toman el pelo o se cachondean pero lo que veo en todos los foros es que todo el mundo esta interesado yo tengo dos walkyes ag-uvd1p y estoi contento con el funcionamiento rendimiento y autonomia

    • No scam Toni! I am told the rig is awaiting FCC approval before they start shipping. Expected in shops March at earliest.

  11. Go to they are allowing you to reserve yours now! I have made a few 😉

    • They have been doing that since this time eighteen months or more ago when we were told they were due in Nov 2010 . Latest news was it would be they end of the year but I don’t expect anything to appear before new year now. It is disappointing as my two mobiles need replacing and I am going to buy two of them if they ever hit the shops before I am forced to take action in the direction of another manufacturer.

  12. I have 5 of the little blighter’s to dual band and three VHF. the dual bander’s as programmed for RAYNET and PMR (yes i have a license). the three VHF are only programmed for PMR at the moment. I use these on RAYNET events were we need to speak to the event organisers.

    The beauty of the wouxun is howassy they are to program using the software. I have a number of different configurations and it take but a moment to reconfigure them.

  13. MLS and son allways mark everything up so expect to be rippedoff again….

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