Posted by: GW7AAV | October 11, 2010

Cop Threat US Ham Sentenced

As reported here back in May radio amateur, Irene Marie Levy KJ6CEY, was been arrested after allegedly making threats on Police and Fire service frequencies. At her hearing a couple of days ago Levy pleaded guilty to seven charges. A Murrieta judge sentenced her to three years probation and gave her credit for the time she spent in jail since her arrest last spring. She was also ordered to undergo psychiatric care.


  1. Ofcourse this person was a CB operator at heart…
    that should have been proof of insanity in of itself.

    • There is nothing wrong with CB just a small percentage of the operators. The big problem is that although the best CBers are now mostly all licensed hams so are most of the nutters. I am listening one of the idiots now whistling and retransmitting broadcast radio over a 70cms repeater as I type. It is like Mental Hospital Radio some days.

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