Posted by: GW7AAV | November 10, 2010

Quantum Communications

What if you knew something amazing was about to come along? What if you knew that the amazing thing would change the world, as we know it? What if you could be the first to announce it to the world? What if this thing was so secret that if you were to tell anyone the consequences could be catastrophic for someone else? Would you be able to keep quiet or would you blab to everyone who would listen and put it on your blog?

What if I told you that scientists had come up with a method of communication that works over massive distances without the use of wires, fibre optics, or radio waves? Something that would make the subspace communicators of Star Trek look puny.

In the world of quantum physics there are known to be particles that can exist in more than one place at a time. Imagine if you will two devices each containing the same particle. If we were to oscillate the particle in device one the particle in device two vibrates in sync. If we were to modulate those vibrations in a similar way as we do with radio waves in the first device the output from the second device could be demodulated also in the same way as a radio receiver. It would not matter if the devices were in the same room or a million light years apart the message would be received instantaneously. The bandwidth of these devices would be immense. There would be nothing to stop massive amounts of data being transferred except the speed of the machine from which it was sent or received.

What if I told you science had cracked it and that in the near future the whole of the RF spectrum would start to become deserted and that everything from telephone lines to broadcast towers were being sold for scrap? The only inhabitants from DC to light would be radio hams.

Okay it was only a dream, but as a friend said to me “Why let the truth stand in the way of a good story?” If it happens then I either saw the future or I knew something and if it doesn’t then maybe it just has not happened yet.  If it does happen then you heard it hear first.

Sorry Bob! I bet I had you worried after the first paragraph. You thought I was going to tell them what you have been working on, didn’t you? The secret of the matter transporter is safe with me. Opps!

Okay professor! Where did we park the Delorean?

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