Posted by: GW7AAV | November 24, 2010

SOTA Television

I was on YouTube looking at amateur radio videos when I came across this message; “YouTube Groups will no longer be available starting December 1, 2010.”

YouTube already screwed up the groups feature a while ago and it crossed my mind that maybe there was another way. The SOTA Group on YouTube had over 300 videos at one time. It was great because unlike a general search for SOTA you did not get unrelated garbage and the group admin (Richard G3CWI) could filter out anything irrelevant and ban undesirables from posting to the group.
If you object to your content being included on this site it will of course be removed, but you should consider in the first instance disabling the ‘embed’ feature on YouTube. The purpose of this site is to bring together videos from YouTube and elsewhere posted about or by SOTA Activators, Chasers and others, covering Summits on the Air activations and related subjects. Videos relating to amateur radio, antenna design and hill walking may be included.  Here hoping it is well received, I hope everyone likes it. There are already over 100 videos on the site for you to watch.

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