Posted by: GW7AAV | November 27, 2010

Hull Man Prosecuted For Jamming Amateur Radio

Ofcom has successfully prosecuted one Clive McMurray, aged 63, from Lambert Street, off Beverley Road in Hull City Centre for jamming Amateur Radio frequencies. A big hurray for Ofcom, we never doubted you. Well actually we did, but this is fantastic news. Just another couple of hundred other morons nationwide to nail then. Please Ofcom knock yourself out and nail the bastards heads to the floor.

Interesting is the age of this idiot. You would think at his age he would have something better to do with his time. Everyone calls them ‘Lids’ and the implication is that it is not just kids that cause a nuisance of them selves on the air but as in this case and my own experiences show it is not just young bored teens that do this sort of thing. Often it is someone who has an axe to grind against another radio amateur or organisation such as a repeater group but also it can be some guy who has just lost the plot due to some kind of mental problem. Some of these guys started keying up, being abusive and playing music on CB thirty years ago and are still at it. They moved to amateur radio because keying a mike on an unused band does not get a response.

The RSGB report he was sentenced to:

Four months imprisonment suspended for 18 months (from a rope I hope)

A curfew between 7pm and 7 am for 3 months via a means of electronic tagging (Should have been 24 hours for the full 18 months)

Forfeiture of his van and radio transmitters, to Ofcom. (Awesome! The van as well)

See the links on Southgate ARC Newsline for more details.

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