Posted by: GW7AAV | December 10, 2010

Advanced RAE at MADARC

Mold and District Amateur Radio Club start the course for the ‘Advanced’ exam on 19 January 2011. This will give us a good 10 weeks to run the course and then a 2 week break prior to the exam to run some extra/revision sessions if needed. The exam date will be 6 April 2011.

If you are an Intermediate licensee and can get to Mold Rugby Club on Wednesday nights please contact me (GW7AAV) or Keith GW4OKT, our email addresses are correct on or search my call on Skype and we can talk. Further Foundation and Intermediate exam courses will be run during the year.

Previously all courses were run for free but due to an unexpected rise in our rent (from nothing to several thousand pounds a year) we will be asking all new candidates to join the club (£20) and pay a small fee (£12) towards our costs. The only other costs will be the exam fees charged by RSGB and the price of the course book available from RSGB.

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