Posted by: GW7AAV | January 10, 2011

Wirelessly Challenged

In amateur radio we all need challenges from time to time to keep thing fresh. That was one reason for my CQHQ challenge, which has resulted in a steady stream of emails vowing to have a go at doing a few things not normally routinely attempted. The idea was to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while and at the very least prove to yourselves you really do hate contests, SSB, FM or whatever. The hope is you will actually find these things more fun than you expected. I suggested picking 10 items from my list, but it is all really about personal challenges.

Now having proposed a series of personal challenges I should not knock someone elses challenge, but I laughed my socks off when I heard of Keith Maton G6NHU and his “ambitious challenge” to have a QSO every day for a year. To me a more difficult challenge would be to stay off the air for more than 24 hours. A more serious challenge for me would be to have a minimum of 25 QSOs a day.

I picked this gem up from Amateur Radio Newsline for January 7 2011 who had managed to cock up Keith callsign in their previous issue. I was surprised to find I missed it the first time around. So off I go to Keith’s blog to suss out the details not quite expecting to spray coffee all over my monitor when I read this… The caveat to this is that if I’m away from home (holiday, working away, etc) then I won’t be able to have a QSO on those days – It’s difficult to have any contacts when one isn’t near a wireless! Talk about setting yourself up to fail. Personally I am never more than a few feet from a radio transceiver for very long wherever I am. I would never go on holiday if I could not take a radio, what would I do. If I am in work the radio is in the car for at least the trip to and from work.

While I wish Keith every success in his venture I do find it a little underwhelming, a bit like telling someone you intend to get fit by leaving the remote control on top of the TV. Still whatever works for you! By the way who on earth still uses the word “wireless” other than when talking about Internet connections?


  1. Not everyone has the time or the inclination to be near a radio for long enough every day to have 25 contacts so I think you’re being a little harsh on G6HNU. Everyone has their own challenge, and if he considers this an ambitious challenge then prehaps it is under his circumstances. Ive had a look at his blog and it looks as though he only has a small HF station with an inefficient aerial so whose to say whether this is a good challenge or not?

    He has’nt mentioned any contacts via repeaters or when mobile yet so perhaps he’s not including those.

    • I agree I am being a bit mean and I am sort of sorry, but the serious nature in which this was covered by Newsline just gave me a fit of the giggles.

      If we could get everyone to follow Keith’s lead it would really make a difference to the hobby, so kudos to him.

  2. Sorry I posted my previous comment before Id read the other comments. No point in it as you have already covered my points. JR.

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