Posted by: GW7AAV | January 19, 2011

Mills on the Air

In the words of an obscure song (except to fans of Sparks) miss the start, miss the end. It goes on ‘Cause they’re such very good friends, there are things to be loved and things to only attend, miss the start, miss the end.

It looks like we may have been a bit late for SOS radio week, but we have just booked a week in a Windmill and after a great deal of searching I find we are two weeks early for Mills on the Air. I say a great deal of searching because Denby Dale ARC’s website did not seem to want to let me in. It also says because of technical difficulties the new Mills on the Air web page is not available. I am tempted to apply for a special events call for the week anyway as I see at least one other club is doing their mill activation the weekend before. With four of us licenced it should at least guarantee something to keep us occupied for a couple of hours each night. It might make up for the fact that although there is a SOTA summit a stones throw away the next nearest is 47 miles distant. Radio was never going to take a backseat where ever we went but who can turn down the chance to get an antenna to the dizzy heights of the top of a windmill.

MILLS ON THE AIR is the weekend 15th/16th May 2011.  Denby Dale ARC will be on from 10-30am to 4pm at Thwaite Mills Stourton Nr Leeds.

As for me; keep watching this space for details.

“The opening bars and the closing bars might as well not exist. They’re not needed, needed, really needed.”


  1. Hi,we will also be active from the windmill the “Eendracht” in Gieterveen,Netherlands.
    Our callsign will be PD6MILL..
    More info,also on other Dutch and UK mills we have put on our page:

    Bernard de PD7BZ

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