Posted by: GW7AAV | January 29, 2011

Icom IC-9100 in the shops by March

Should I be blaming all the RF from my amateur radio gear for my failing memory?

A little birdy tells me we may see the new Icom IC-9100 in the shops by March, but can I like as heck remember were I saw this little gem so I can point a link at it or confirm it anywhere else. The Icom sites have no mention of it and as we were once being told we would see it on sale be August last year I will not hold my breath. March would be good for me as I get my bonus then but Helen has already earmarked that for new French doors to replace the patio doors :0(
How to afford an Icom IC-9100
I could work a bit of OT.
I could get an extra job.
I sell drugs for a gangster,
Who works for the mob.
I could learn to cheat at poker.
I could rob or steal a car.
I could sell some of my ham gear,
No I wouldn’t go that far!

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